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Surrey fishing: an unsurpassed guide to angling venues

A reliable guide to fishing venues in Surrey

Fishing in Surrey – part of a county-by-county guide to all types of angling across the Thames Valley area.

Here you can search for Surrey fishing by species, type, angling clubs, or by area, and find the best coarse and game fishing in Surrey for you.

Information about Surrey angling for coarse and game species

In the north of Surrey the Thames provides prolonged stretches of free river fishing while its tributaries the Mole and the Wey cut through vast tracts of Surrey and supply numerous season ticket fishing venues. Additionally, to the west of the county, the Blackwater provides some quality Surrey river fishing before leaving the county to go on and join the Loddon and eventually pour into the Thames.

The Basingstoke Canal along with the Wey Navigation, England’s oldest canal, supply many long miles of canal bank for coarse angling mainly via season ticket from local angling clubs.

Surrey holds vast numbers of lakes open to fishing from huge gravel pits to small farm ponds, from urban still-waters to remote rural ponds. Venues with specimen carp, tench and pike are present, along with ample options for pleasure or match angling.

The county of Surrey has been catalogued into areas relevant to angling. These are villages, towns, suburbs, canals or rivers in Surrey.

Each Surrey fishing area has a bespoke page that is an angling guide with angler’s map, a description of the location, a postcode for your SATNAV, a weather report for that area of the county, information on fishing tackle shops, and supermarkets in the area along with a list of Surrey lakes, waters and fishing venues in the vicinity. Start browsing and find the best fishing spots in Surrey. In addition, to check for flood alerts in this county click HERE.

Surrey fishing by area, and A-Z list

Below is an A-Z list of areas, canals and rivers for Surrey fishing. To search for fisheries by other means in Surrey, or to view the map of Surrey fishing areas, scroll down.

Use our species pages to find the fisheries that suit you: CARP, PIKE, TENCH, TROUT, CATFISH, BARBEL. Use search options for different categories such as day ticket, night fishing and season ticket.
Scroll to the foot of each page for Search and useful links.
Please contact us to add your fishery or angling club, or to have details updated or corrected. All listings are totally free.
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Map of Surrey fishing areas:

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Surrey fishing by types of angling

Barbel fishing in Surrey

Bream fishing in Surrey

Canal fishing in Surrey:

Basingstoke Canal

Wey Navigation

Carp fishing in Surrey

Chub fishing in Surrey

Day ticket fishing in Surrey

Free fishing in Surrey

Pike fishing in Surrey

River fishing in Surrey

Specimen carp fishing in Surrey

Tench fishing in Surrey

Trout fishing in Surrey

Surrey fishing clubs

The ultimate guide to fishing in Surrey. Use the species pages to find fishing venues in Surrey holding fish of that type. If you are asking “where can I fish in Surrey” then you have come to the right place; browse these pages and find the best places to go fishing in Surrey.

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