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Using this website

This website contains a large volume of angling data for Berkshire, Bucks, Kent, Middx, Oxon and Surrey.

Users can access this in a variety of ways:

1. Search engine.

Use the website search facility in the sidebar (below the main page on a mobile phone) to search for the venue you are seeking by name, or search for pages with references to your chosen area. You can also try searching by postcode, or road name or number (such as A247) as these are often used as points of reference in the location for a venue or water.

2. A-Z of areas.

The counties have been divided up into a series of areas which are listed in alphabetical order on each county page. Pick which county you are interested in from the main menu, then select a suitable area name likely to cover the area you are interested in. Each area page holds a list of venues and waters, including those where angling is not permitted. Each area page comes with an anglers map showing waters and other features of interest such as the location of tackle shops and supermarkets. Weather reports are included at the bottom of each area page, including forecasts for the next few hours.

3. A-Z of clubs.

Most of the angling clubs with venues in Berkshire, Bucks, Kent, Middx, Oxon and Surrey are listed on the Fishing Clubs Page in alphabetical order. Simply select the club you are interested in and you will be taken to the details page for that club where a list of venues will be available. Each venue has a link to the details page for its owning club. This is an extensive list, but there will be omissions, especially among small, local clubs without an internet presence. In addition there is a separate directory for the fishing clubs that have venues in each of the counties that this site covers. These county fishing club pages can be accessed from the relevant county page or from the Fishing Clubs Page.

4. Fishing type search pages.

These are accessed straight off the top menu and off the home page: Barbel fishing, Carp fishing, Pike fishing, River fishing, Tench fishing, Trout fishing. Each label is hyper-linked to a bespoke page for that type of angling that contains a series of search options to meet your needs. Click on your desired search and a list of the venues in the five counties (Berkshire, Bucks, Kent, Middx, Oxon and Surrey) meeting the criteria will be displayed. In addition each county has its own version of each of these pages, with results limited to venues in that county.

To return to the Homepage, just click on the button for the Home page on the menu at the top of the site or the website logo in the footer.

There are numerous external links and the aim has been to take users to these other websites via the open web browser. If you wish to open a new window then right click on the link and your browser should give you the option of opening the new link in a new window or tab.

We endeavour to be thorough and accurate in all that we do. However, not every venue can be covered here, and all details of every venue and club can not be included. Over time venues change hands, rules change, and fishing can sometimes be withdrawn from waters, while other waters can be opened up to anglers. This website is a guide, and we cannot guarantee complete accuracy. More listings for fisheries and clubs in the counties which the website covers are welcome – feel free to contact us to add yours (free of charge), or to update information that we hold. If anything is inaccurate – please let us know.

Before fishing you should ensure that you have the right to fish, have valid rod licence(s), and obey all local rules and by-laws. If in doubt you should verify these with the fishery owner prior to fishing. Nothing on this website confers a right to fish, nor to fish in a certain way, and does not confer a right to challenge people for fishing; rules change, fisheries open and close over time.

None of the businesses or establishments listed here are endorsed by us and you use them at your own risk. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of weather reports, maps or data from third parties either displayed here or on external websites that this website provides hyper-links to.

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