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Molesey fishing

Fishing in Molesey

Information about fishing in Molesey, which is located on the south side of the Thames between Walton and Thames Ditton. It is split between East and West Molesey. KT8 2HZ. Fishing is mainly on the River Thames with most of the available Mole controlled by Elmbridge Council who do not permit angling on the Mole in the land they control. A small stretch of the River Mole can be fished at Walton Campsite, but restrictions may apply.

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The town has a fishing tackle shop, Fishing Unlimited 70, Bridge Rd, East Molesey, KT8 9HF.

There are several supermarkets in the town to stock up for a fishing trip, including a Tesco at Hurst Road, West Molesey, KT8 1SE , a Tesco Metro at 108-118, Walton Rd, East Molesey , KT8 0HP and Hampton Court Superstore at 7 Bridge Road, East Molesey KT8 9EU.

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Waters and fishing venues in Molesey

Bessborough Reservoir – NO FISHING

Island Barn Reservoir – NO FISHING

Knight Reservoir – NO FISHING

Queen Elizabeth II Storage Reservoir – NO FISHING

River Mole – Molesey Heath – NO FISHING

River Mole – Neilsen Recreation Ground – NO FISHING

River Mole  – Walton Campsite

River Thames – Molesey Lock


River Thames – Sunbury Lock to Molesey Lock

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