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Carp fishing tutor

Refresh or expand your knowledge of carp angling using the library of information assembled on these pages.

The hair rig

The zig rig

The method rig

Carp underwater videos


The marker float

Line clips / accurate casting

Fishing with a baitboat

Winter carping

Canal carping

Summer carp fishing videos

Using the lead

The bolt rig

The run rig

The semi fixed / inline rig

The helicopter rig

The COG rig

Using the hooklink

Braid rigs

Stiff rigs

Chod rigs

The blow back rig

The hinge-stiff rig

Shaun Harrison gives some tips on how to commence on a new carp water

Identify the best practise for certain areas of carp fishing, and pick up tips for improving your carp results. Enhance your carp angling tactics with the carp fishing tutor.

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