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Epsom fishing

Angling in Epsom, Surrey.

Located between Ewell and Ashtead, Epsom sits astride the A24. KT18 5BY. The town is to the north east of Junction 9 of the M25, and west of Banstead. Including Ewell.

Fishing in the area is restricted despite the presence of the Hogsmill River and some small lakes; mostly these are controlled by Epsom & Ewell Council which refuses to permit angling anywhere other than the Stew Pond.

There are no fishing tackle shops in Epsom. The nearest fishing tackle shops are Surbiton Angling Centre (177 Hook Road, Surbiton KT6 5AR) and Cheam Angling Centre (705 London Road, Sutton SM3 9DL).

Epsom has a Waitrose (54 Ashley Centre, Epsom KT18 5DB) and a Sainsbury’s (Kiln Lane, Epsom KT17 1EQ) where an angler can stock up.

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Waters and fishing venues in Epsom

Bourne Hall Lake – closed to fishing

Ewell Court Lake – closed to fishing

Great Stew Pond closed to fishing

Nonsuch Park closed to fishing

Rosebery Parkclosed to fishing

Stamford Greenclosed to fishing

Stew Pond

Weather report for Epsom