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Fishing in Richmond

Information about angling in Richmond, including fishing venues, tackle shops, supermarkets, and local weather. Part of a guide to angling in Surrey.

Richmond is on the south west edge of London. It is to the north of Kingston. TW9 1QL. Fishing in the area is dominated by the Thames, which enters a unique stage in the vicinity of the town. Above Teddington Lock the river is free of tidal movements (occasionally the first mile or so is still affected). Below Teddington Lock the river is tidal, but is controlled significantly by Richmond Lock.

When the old London Bridge was removed in 1832 the rise and fall of the river around Richmond was excessive and meant the river between Teddington Lock and Twickenham was often a stream within mudflats. At the end of the 19th century the authorities constructed Richmond Lock to maintain navigable depths for the Thames in the area. The Lock is based alongside a set of sluice gates that are closed except for two hours each side of high tide.

Fishing along the Thames is permitted from Teddington Lock all the way along past Richmond Lock, including the towpath at Old Deer Park and Petersham Meadows.

In the royal Richmond Park angling is also allowed at the famous Pen Ponds.

However, at Ham Common and Barnes Common there are ponds where fishing is not permitted.

Richmond fishing map:

Ron’s Guns & Tackle is the local tackle shop at 465, Upper Richmond Road West, SW14 7PU.

Supermarkets in Richmond include Waitrose at 4-10, Sheen Rd, TW9 1AE and Sainsbury’s at 3 Lower Richmond Rd, TW9 4LT.

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Waters and fishing venues in Richmond

Ham Common Pond – NO FISHING

Pen Ponds

River Thames, Teddington Lock to Richmond Bridge

River Thames, Richmond Bridge to Putney Bridge

Thames Young Mariners Lake

Weather report for Richmond, Surrey