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Kingston fishing

Fishing in Kingston

Kingston is a large conurbation on the east bank of the Thames, located due south of Richmond. It is very close to London, with Wimbledon sited to the east. KT1 2PS.

River fishing is available in the area courtesy of the Thames and Hogsmill, while to the west of the own (in Middlesex) lies Bushy Park which offers lake fishing for specimen carp and silver fish on a season ticket.

The town has no fishing tackle shop, the nearest is Surbiton Angling Centre, 31 Station Approach, Hinchley Wood, Esher,  KT10 0SR. To the north is Rons Tackle Shop, 465 Upper Richmond Rd W, London SW14 7PU.

Numerous supermarkets exist in the town for the angler to stock up. To the east there is an ASDA at 142 London Rd, KT2 6QL. A Sainsbury’s store is based at 6-12 Eden Walk KT1 1BU in the town centre.

As a large town Kingston has many pubs. In the vicinity of Sainsbury’s is the Wheelwright Arms, 60 Clarence Street, KT1 1NP. On the north side of town The Queens Head is based at 144 Richmond Rd, KT2 5HA; some of the side roads in this vicinity are free of CPZs. To the south of the town centre the Coconut is sited at 16 Mill Street, KT1 2RF.

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Waters and fishing venues in Kingston

Bushy Park, Diana Pond: NO FISHING

Bushy Park, Heron Pond

Bushy Park, Leg of Mutton pond

Hogsmill Open Space: NO FISHING

River Hogsmill, Green Lane Recreation Ground

River Thames, Kingston to Teddington Weir

River Thames, Teddington Weir Island

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