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Redhill fishing

Fishing in Redhill

Information about angling in Redhill and surrounding areas including Nutfield and Merstham. Part of a guide to fishing in Surrey.

Redhill is due east of Reigate and south west of the M25/M23 interchange. RH1 1NN. Carp, tench, match and pleasure fishing is available at Warwick Wold Waters on a day ticket basis. Similar angling is available at Priory Farm on a season ticket. Mercers lake supplies specimen carp and pike angling via a syndicate.

Redhill fishing map:

A fishing tackle shop is present at Warwick Wold Waters, Warwick Wold Road, Merstham, RH1 3DG, to the north east of the town. Outside Redhill, the nearest is the Carp Shop at 2, South Parade, Horley Row, Horley RH6 8BH.

There is a Sainsbury’s in Redhill located at London Rd, Redhill , RH1 1NN.


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Waters and fishing venues in Redhill

Ash Lake – Warwick Wold

Dream Lake – Warwick Wold

Hogtrough Lake – Priory Farm

Holmethorpe LagoonsNO FISHING

Hungerford Lake – Priory Farm

Long Lake – Warwick Wold

Mercers West – NO FISHING

Priory Lake – Priory Farm

Spring Lake – Warwick Wold

Spynes Mere – NO FISHING

Weather report for Redhill