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River Kennet

Fishing the River Kennet

A directory of fishing venues on the Berkshire Kennet.

The River Kennet arrives in Berkshire just north of Hungerford and then shadows and feeds the Kennet and Avon Canal into which it is absorbed regularly. The Kennet is a major tributary of the Thames into which it flows on the east side of Reading.

Fishing is available on the almost all the Berkshire Kennet, from a smallish river down to the swollen waterway that merges with the Thames. This provides many options for river angling.

River Kennet fishing map:

Fishing venues on the Kennet: (from west to east)

Kennet & Avon Canal


Barton Court


Speen Moors



Bull’s Lock

The Arrowhead

Rainsford Farm

Colthrop Water

Brimpton West

Brimpton East

Warren Beat

Dalston Beat

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Woolhampton Beat

The Old Mill

Aldermaston Beat


Padworth Mill


Upper Benyons


Lower Benyons

Holy Brook West

Burghfield West

Burghfield East

Holy Brook East


Waterloo Meadows


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The Kennet Valley is a complex network of waterways. The river and canal drift in and out of each other and the river splits into several subsidiaries at various points.

These angling venues listed here are mainly River Kennet away from the Canal. Many angling clubs bulk stretches of river and canal in the same area together as one venue, and for the purpose of cataloguing the River Kennet those fishing venues have been split and treated as separate venues.

The ultimate guide to fishing in the Berkshire Kennet.