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Kent specimen carp lakes

Specimen carp fishing in Kent

A directory of fishing venues in Kent that hold carp of 30lb+, including day ticket and season ticket angling. Waters holding 30lb, 40lb or larger carp. Part of a guide to Carp Fishing in Kent.

Angling venues containing specimen carp abound in the county of Kent. Numerous day ticket fisheries in pleasant countryside provide carp fishing for large fish in large ponds and small lakes, many complexes hold at least one ‘specimen’ water where anglers can try for a very big carp. Additionally large and medium-sized pits offer season ticket angling for very big carp up and down the county from Ruxley to Sandwich, from Edenbridge to Lydd, and in Maidstone, Ashford and the Medway valley.

Carp fishing lakes in Kent containing carp which are thirties, forties or fifties.

Kent fishing: an unsurpassed guide to angling venues

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