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Environment Agency

The Environment Agency has fishing rights to several weirs and locks along the Thames. Fishing is allowed after purchase of a permit (in addition to the standard rod licence).

CLICK HERE for Thames Lock and Weir Permit form

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Venues in Berkshire

Cookham Lock

Hurley Lock

Venues in Middlesex

Penton Hook Island

Teddington Weir Island

Venues in Oxfordshire

River Thames, Abingdon Lock

River Thames, Buscot Lock

River Thames, Clifton Lock

River Thames, Culham Lock

River Thames, Day’s Lock

River Thames, Eynsham Lock

River Thames, Goring Lock

River Thames, Grafton Lock

River Thames, Pinkhill Lock

River Thames, Rushey Lock

River Thames, Shifford Lock

River Thames, Shipton Lock

Venues in Surrey

Bellweir Lock

Sunbury Lock

Molesey Lock

Teddington Weir Island