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Fishing in Teddington

Information about angling in Teddington including Hampton and Bushy Park. Teddington is a conurbation in Middlesex, on the north side of the Thames, to the south of Twickenham. To its south is Hampton Wick on the west side of Kingston Bridge, and to the west is Hampton Hill and Hampton. TW11 0DR.

The Thames at Teddington Lock provides river angling, while still waters in Bushy Park and Home Park provide carp angling and pleasure fishing on season ticket.

There are no fishing tackle shops in Teddington. In nearby Twickenham a fishing tackle shop is present at Percy Chapman & Sons, 2 – 4, Colne Rd, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW1 4JP.

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Waters and fishing venues in Teddington

Bushy Park – Diana Pond (NO FISHING)

Bushy Park – Heron Pond

Bushy Park – Leg Of Mutton Pond

Home Park – Hampton Wick Pond (NO FISHING)

Home Park – Long Water

Home Park – Rick Pond

Home Park – River Thames (NO FISHING)

River Thames – Teddington Weir

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