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Fishing in Cassington

Information about angling in Cassington, including fishing venues, tackle shops, supermarkets, and local weather. Part of a guide to angling in Oxfordshire.

Cassington is a village to the east of Eynsham on the north side of the River Thames, along the A40. River angling is supplied by the River Evenlode and River Thames, with carp fishing available at Marlborough Pool. OX29 4DD.

Cassington fishing map

Cassington has no fishing tackle shops. The nearest is State Fishing Tackle, 23 Fettiplace Rd, Witney OX28 5AP.

There are no supermarkets in Cassington for stocking up for fishing trips; the nearest is a Tesco Esso Express in Eynsham to the west at A40 E Bound, Eynsham, Witney OX29 4EN.

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Waters and fishing venues in Cassington

Cassington Cut

Marlborough Pool

River Evenlode, Cassington

River Evenlode, Evenlode Triangle

River Thames, Evenlode Triangle

River Thames, Water Meadow

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Weather report for Cassington