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Chobham and District Angling Club

Information about the Chobham & District Angling Club including contact details and fishing venues. Part of an unsurpassed directory of Surrey fishing clubs.

Chobham & District Angling Club is a small local club with two delightful lakes to the east of Chobham. Both are well stocked with silver fish and carp.

The carp are mainly in the 5 to 10 pound range, with larger specimens going to around the 20lb mark. They feed through the winter, providing respite for serious carpers in the colder months. Both lakes respond well to surface baits in summer, with hauls of over 30 carp in a day known.

The club runs matches through the year, including those with other local clubs.

Fishpool is a small picturesque lake with numerous lily pad sets; fishing tight to these in the summer will result in takes, but be ready to hit the rod immediately. The public have access to this lake, but many swims are set away from the paths that run round the lake.

Childown is a pleasant, secluded lake with three islands and several sets of lily pads to provide numerous features for anglers.


Contact address:
Contact telephone:
 01276 858293
Contact representative:
 Secretary, John Smith

Chobham and District Angling Club Venues



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