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Grand Union Canal, Bucks

Fishing the Buckinghamshire Grand Union Canal

The county of Buckinghamshire has several stretches of the Grand Union Canal running through it. In the south of the county at Iver the Slough Arm briefly cuts through Bucks to the east of Slough and provides miles of angling on day and season ticket. In the centre of Bucks the canal protrudes into the county courtesy of the Aylesbury Arm which runs east of Alyesbury and connects the town to the main canal at Marsworth; here coarse fishing can be had on day and season ticket along miles of rural bankside.

In the north of Buckinghamshire the canal runs along the northern edge of Milton Keynes, and then straight through the city southwards and out beyond it into the countryside. In this area angling is on offer along miles of bankside via day and season ticket.

Angling venues on the Grand Union Canal in Buckinghamshire:

Aylesbury Arm

Slough Arm

Willen to Water Eaton

Wolverton to Oakridge Park

Fishing map for Grand Union Canal in Bucks (purple markers):

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