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Twyford fishing

Angling in Twyford

Twyford is a Berkshire town set on the River Loddon to the east of Reading. RG10 9RP.

Specimen carp angling is available on a syndicate basis at Charvil. The nearby Thames and Loddon provide ample river fishing options; the Loddon splits into a second water course known as Old River in the vicinity, supplying more options for anglers.

Twyford fishing map:

Twyford has no fishing tackle shop. The nearest fishing tackle shop is Woodley Tackle Box at 181 Wokingham Road, Woodley RG6 1LT.

Twyford has a supermarket. A Waitrose is located at London Road, RG10 9EH.

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Waters and fishing venues in Twyford

Canberra Lake

Causeway Lake

Redlands Lake

Old River, Redlands

Old River, Charvil

Orrell Lake

River Loddon – Charvil

River Loddon – Twyford Reserve

River Loddon – Whistley Mill North

River Lodden – Whistley Mill South

River Thames – Charvil

St Patrick’s Stream

Twyford Reserve

Whistley Mill Lake

Weather report for Twyford