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There are numerous ‘where to fish’ sites on the web these days; this is not one of them. This is an angling website; a view of five counties through the eyes of the angler.

Here you will find a directory based on geographical locations within each county. There is a unique area page (be it suburb, town or village) for each part of these counties where you can find all about the information you need to get fishing: where to fish, where to buy bait and tackle, where to buy supplies, what the weather is going to be like on your session. Where possible, links to useful external sites are included. There is a simple list of venues for each area.

You will also find details of lakes where fishing is not permitted; so those waters you have driven past, or walked around, or which are subject to myths and legends, are covered here – where possible – even when no fishing is permitted. This allows thorough coverage of angling options.

The footer area holds links to river levels to allow anglers to gauge water levels in their target area, and many of the area pages and venue pages also have links to their own or nearby river levels.

There are several links to external sites within this website. cannot control the content of external websites and cannot accept liability for their content.

Use our species pages to find the fisheries that suit you: CARP, PIKE, TENCH, TROUT, CATFISH, BARBEL. Use search options for different categories such as day ticket, night fishing and season ticket.
Scroll to the foot of each page for Search and useful links.
Please contact us to add your fishery or angling club, or to have details updated or corrected. All listings are totally free.
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Most venues have a map to show you where the fishery is; in many cases, further details are shown on the map – just click on, or hover over, the icons for additional information.

Surrey was the original county covered by this website, Berkshire was added in autumn 2014, Middlesex added in the fall of 2016, Bucks in December 2017, and Oxon in 2020.

The aim of the website has been to provide a quality database for anglers that thinks of everything. Modern taxonomy has been utilised to catalogue fisheries in a way that allows them to be searched for in sophisticated search matrices. However, simplicity is also present in the county pages and fishing club pages with straightforward lists of venues and clubs for visitors to browse through.

The website is a “mobile first” website. Most traffic comes from mobile devices, mainly smart phones, and so the site is designed with those users in mind. Maps, tables, and other objects are narrowed or streamlined to ensure they render well for mobile users. There is no sidebar, and the pages are narrow to support the mobile friendly theme.

All listings are free. Please contact us to add your fishery or angling club, or to have details updated or corrected. We are especially keen to have fisheries and angling clubs operating in the counties which we cover, but are happy to include any venue or society within the South East.

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