Basingstoke Canal, Mytchett to Brookwood

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Season tickets:Basingstoke Canal Angling Association: direct or via affiliated angling clubs
Day tickets:From bailiffs on the bank / from the Canal Centre

General rules

No fishing within 20 metres of locks, bridges, or aqueducts.
Maximum 2 rods
Barbless or microbarbed hooks only
Fishing from towing path only
Standard coarse season applies
No carp in keepnets

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Heading north from Mytchett Place Road, the Basingstoke Canal parts company with Mytchett on the west bank while the east bank enters countryside on the journey to Frimley Green. This more rural stretch runs straight for a mile to the Guildford Road (B3012), going past Potters Pool on the east bank; this is the only angling feature along this section.

The Canal then goes under the B3012 and swings to the north east; the towing path switches to the east bank. Shortly after that it crosses the railway via an aqueduct and after a short distance meets Wharfenden Lake on the north bank, then swinging east as it continues towards Deepcut along a tree lined bank. The Canal now enters a prolonged rural stretch.

After going under Deepcut Road the Canal proceeds eastwards for about 3/4 of a mile until it hits Lock 28: Frimley Top Lock. This is Surrey’s most upstream lock and marks the beginning of the eastern, lock-filled, zone of the Canal. The Canal descends through two further locks before reaching Curzon Bridge where Brunswick road crosses the Canal. Around these locks are several wide parts of canal including Lock 26 Winding Hole, providing a series of features for angling.

Between Curzon Bridge and Lock 25 another hole is sited, and then the Canal continues eastwards, running down a series of locks and going under Cowshott Bridge and Pirbright Bridge where the towing path switches to the north bank. The Canal now enters Brookwood.

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In Brookwood the Basingstoke Canal runs past Connaught Crescent winding hole, and under Sheets Mill Bridge before hitting a series of three locks (14, 13 and 12) just before the A322 Bagshot Road at Brookwood Bridge. This provides a prolonged stretch of uninterrupted canal for fishing. Just north of Brookwood Bridge lies the Nags Head Inn (GU21 2RP).

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